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Featured Speakers

Leaders of the Profession

These are leaders who have made significant contributions to the profession and have innovated in their respective disciplines and will share those ideas with you in a way you can apply immediately to your own situation.

Allison Rossett
Beverly Kaye
Bob Pike
Chip Bell
Dan Schawbel
Dan Pontefract
Dianna Booher
Jack Zenger
Ken Blanchard
Laurie Bassi
Michael Allen

Back by Popular Demand

You chose them...the speakers who received the high evaluation scores or attendance or both at the 2012 conference and they are popular demand.

Andrew Jefferson
Ann Herrmann-Nehdi
Becky Pluth
Cal Wick
Dale Bambrick
Elaine Biech
James Kirkpatrick
Jim Smith
Karl Kapp
Kevin Cope
Lance Dublin
Marc Rosenberg
Michael Wilkinson
Michael Papay
Patti Phillips
Rebecca Ray
Roy Pollock
Ruth Clark
Scott Blanchard

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